°°October 15 2015°°

There is a new song available!!! check it out here "You are free"


°°July 30 2015°°

Check out the "Once Again" acoustic version video HERE!!


°°May 06 2015°°

Here's another "Leviatan on the road" video, check it out here!!!!


°° April 27 2015°°

New "Leviatan on the road" video, check it out here!!!!


°°March 09 2015°°

-Finally the "CHIMERA" album is done, you can listen and buy it HERE


°°March 07 2015°°

-First single of the "CHIMERA" album HERE!!


°°October 03 2014°°

-New member of our family!!!! check it out!


°°September 10 2014°°

-Back in Mexico, let's record the new stuff!!


°°September 04 2014°°

-New video added: Leviatan on the road -- 05-1 (drum machine for all)


°°August 17 2014°°

-New video added: Leviatan on the road -- 04-1 (from Mexico to Berlin)


°°August 11 2014°°

-Today our drummer left the project, we will continue with our schedule, Johnny (our bass player) will take henry's place in the near future, life goes on.


°°August 04 2014°°

-We just arrived to Berlin, let's have fun


°°June 11 2014°°

-New video added: Leviatan on the road -- 03-1 (You always need more ink)


°°May 29 2014°°

-New video added: Leviatan on the road -- 02-1 (Tattoo time, welcome to the family)


°°May 28 2014°°

-Today HARDLINE1990 (mexican urban wear brand) joins our sponsor list!!! our family continues to grow stronger.


°°May 25 2014°°

-Today we start "LEVIATAN on the road" on our Youtube channel, from gigs to our every day life..... enjoy!! FIRST VIDEO up now!! Leviatan on the road -- 01-1 (Who's there?...your dad!!!


°°April 16 2014°°

-New show added, 14th August, Berlin Germany.


°°April 04 2014°°

-Germany!!! LEVIATAN will return to Berlin on the 4th of August, stay tuned for gig dates.


°°January 06 2014°°

-New music! pre-production starts now!!


°°October 02 2013°°

-New show added: support act for Yngwie Malmsteen show October 11 2013


°°September 30 2013°°

-New show added: "AEROSHOW Extremo Chihuahua" October 5th 2013


°°September 26 2013°°

-LEVIATAN interview (105.3 FM Radio Universidad, Chihuahua) on Sep 25 2013, audio HERE (spanish only)


°°September 23 2013°°

-New show added, see you there!! October 19th on the "Madera ROCK Fest 2013"


°°September 02 2013°°

-Here´s one of our FAN tribute Videos!!


°°August 18 2013°°

-"Inside the Mirror" live at the "Palomar Stage" August the 17th 2013


°°June 07 2013°°

We updated our site!! we also uploaded the "Hell in Heaven" album to BANDCAMP, you can download it HERE.


°°May 10 2013°°

-Tomorrow May 11 12:00 PM (UTC-GMT -6) "WAIT FOR YOU" video premiere.


°°April 22 2013°°

New video!!! " I Don´t Feel Anymore" Berlin Version


°°April 11 2013°°

Today is a very special day for us, today we give life to "MELORA Music" our independent label.

Thank you very much to all who have trusted blindly in our vision and goals, family, partners, sponsors, friends, thanks to you we move forward.


°°December 30th 2012°°

-Back to México to shoot the "Wait For You" video.


°°October 05 2012°°

-Today an agreement was signed with FUTURE CLASH MEDIA (Berlin) Leviatan will now be represented in Berlin by Andreas Lemke of FCM.


°°October 02 2012°°

-LEVIATAN arrived today to Germany, Berlin will be tha band´s home for the next 3 months.


°°September 02 2012°°

-LEVIATAN will be traveling to Germany (Oct. 1st) to promote the new album, gig dates soon :)) .

°°July 29 2012°°

-"Circus Master" video premier, Monday 30th, 6:00 P.M. (GMT/UTC - 6:00)


°°April 18 2012°°

-New sponsor :D, the digital newspaper "entrelíneas"...WELCOME to the family. http://www.entrelineas.com.mx/noticias.php


°°April 05 2012°°

-Today our family gets bigger!, we welcome Positive-Addiction and AG Producciones to our family of sponsors:))


°°March 07 2012°°

-LEVIATAN in the 50th issue of the FUSION mag, check it out:http://thefusionmag.com/fusion-magazine-50/


°°March 05 2012°°

-The first gig is coming soon (Chihuahua), and it´s going to be recorded. So, if you want to be part of the show let us know, there´s only going to be 100 tickets available. People of all ages welcome.


°°March 1st 2012°°

-Welcome to our official site, now you can download the "REBIRTH" album, if you wish tu support the band you can donate using paypal or a credit card in the "REBIRTH" download page.

-We are getting ready to play live, more info soon.

Tour dates